Amy's Fishing Paintings.


You can comission your very
own fish painting today!

Email me a fishing photo and it's just that easy
to buy the best present EVER!

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copyright: Amy Glasscock

Standard Sizes
(plus sales tax for TX residents) :

8 *10 inch // Painting = $99

14 * 11 inch // Painting= $150

18 * 24 inch // Painting = $185

16 inch // Round Painting= $125

Shipping = $20

Framing available for an additional charge on rectangle canvases only. Custom sizes also available upon request.

Click images for examples:          



copyright: Amy Glasscock"Chris' Trout from Baffin Bay". 
Oil on Canvas.



copyright: Amy Glasscock
"Chris' Sheepshead". 
Oil on Canvas. 2010.

   copyright Amy Glasscock
"The Blue Crab from Rockport, TX". 
Oil on Canvas. 2012..


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