Past Commissions.
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    Interested in commissioning a drawing?  
It costs $20/hr + supplies + sales tax (TX only).

               Email me for a quote.


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Commissioned work.
second_drawing.jpg (252444 bytes)
Graphite on Paper. 6.2007. 
(paper size) 8 *10.

Commissioned work.
man_for_margie_dobbins.jpg (177611 bytes)
Graphite on Paper. 11.2006. 
(paper size) 8.5in. * 5.5 in.


June_Culp_Zeitner_drawing.jpg (241225 bytes)
Graphite on Paper. 12.2006.
(paper size) 11in. *9in.

Commissioned work: for Dr. Gene Johnson.
drj_gdaughter.jpg (196458 bytes)
Dr. Johnson's Granddaughter.
Graphite on Paper. 11.2006. 
(paper size) 14.5in. *18.5 in.
Commissioned work: writing blurred for privacy.
Owned by the Chris Matthew's collection.
cup_of_tea.jpg (318013 bytes)
Cup of Tea. 
Graphite on Paper. 2006.
ocean_drawing.jpg (334245 bytes)
California Beach. 
Graphite on Paper. 2006.
kiss.jpg (171772 bytes)
Graphite on Paper. 2006.


Commissioned work.
crown_of_thorns.jpg (487202 bytes)
Crown of Thorns.
Oil on Canvas. 1-2.2007. 
23.5in.* 36in.


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