My Artistic Heros
Some of my favorite artists.

Vincent Van Gogh.  Cypresses.  Oil on Canvas. 1889. MOMA.

Vincent Van Gogh.  Wheat Fields at Auvers Under Clouded Sky.  Oil on Canvas. 1890. 

Vincent Van Gogh.  Corn Field with Poppies.  Oil on Canvas. 1888. 

Vlamink. Landscape with Red Trees. 1906.


Wayne Thiebaud.  Cake Window (Seven Cakes).  Oil on Canvas. 1970-6.


Wayne Thiebaud.  River and Farms.  Oil on Canvas. 1996.


Tom Thomson.  The Drive. Early 1900's


Tom Thomson. The West Wind. 

Vuilllard.  Sewing.  Oil on Canvas. c. 1890.


Edward Hopper.  Ryder's House. Oil on Canvas.1933.

       The Nihonbashi and Edobashi Bridges. 1857.            The Plantation of Paulowinas in Akasaka. 1856.         The Ryogokubashi Bridge and Okawabata Bank. 1856.

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"Wisdom seeks counsel.  The wise man knows his limitations. 
It is the fool who believes that he has none." - Andy Stanley