Introducing my painting:
"The Boats in Little Bay. (Rockport, TX)."


copyright: Amy Glasscock


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In October of 2014, I saw an exhibit of Monet's paintings of the Seine River and it reminded me how much I have always wanted to paint boats. One painting in particular titled "Ships Riding on the Seine at Rouen" made me think about how beautiful the contrast between the linear boat masts and the organic and wild wiggly water. Maybe that is why I am always drawn to boat images. Even though I don't particularly like riding in them, there is something so beautiful and captivating about them. So much trite symbolism is so often applied but I love it anyway...

A little man-made vessel in the rugged wilderness of the open sea.... amongst the repetition and movement of waves, of water, of light... colors echoing back and forth between sky and water, land and sea, moving and reflecting, still yet moving. Calm yet alive, moving and powerful. Echoes of who God is really.

Hopefully this painting says something like that. Fingers crossed.

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copyright: Amy Glasscock

Detail of the painting.
"A  painting lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes
of the sensitive observer.  It dies by the same token.  It is therefore a
risky & unfeeling act to send it out into the world."
-Tiger's Eye Magazine 1947.