Introducing my painting:
"With Me in the Sonoran Desert. (Tucson, Arizona)"

copuright: Amy Glasscock


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February 24, 2020.

I was inspired to paint this after visiting the Sonoran Desert in the Summer of 2019. My love of cactus drew me there and it did not disappoint. I was really struck by the beauty of all the greens and purples everywhere I looked. This painting took me a long time to complete and a lot of life happened during these 7 months. During that time I thought a lot about the desert and about stories and deeper meanings of the desert, like when the Isrealites were roaming around living in the desert for 40 years. About how difficult it is to survive there in such a barren wilderness... about how God was always with his people there, providing for them, and loving them... about how he even created plants and creatures that were made to thrive there despite the difficulty. Of course the crowned jewel of this place is the Saguargo cactus, whose spines rattle in the breeze and blooms beautiful white flowers that the birds and bees drink out of. And I like to think of it as a symbol of the beauty and strength of life that survives despite what seems like a less than ideal circumstance. I like to think that all of us can be like that, standing tall but not alone.

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"A  painting lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes
of the sensitive observer.  It dies by the same token.  It is therefore a
risky & unfeeling act to send it out into the world."
-Tiger's Eye Magazine 1947.