Introducing my painting:
"Walkin' Beam at the top of Texas."

copyright: Amy Glasscock


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March 12 , 2019.

In October I took an unexpected trip to Amarillo, Texas and got to drive through the panhandle of Texas. And one thing that there is no shortage of in that area are oil and natural gas wells. Oil has always been an important part of Texas culture and so I decided to paint this green walkin' beam which is a pump that is used to extract the oil. It is a symbol of what makes our country great as it is used to fuel one of the greatest inventions ever, the combustion engine. Without it we wouldn't be able to fuel airplanes, rescue boats, cars and machinery that drive modern technology and make our lives better and safer. And the cotton in the foreground has also been an important crop for Texas as well. I was fortunate to get to see so many fields of white cotton as I drove by. It was beautiful, of course, because it is Texas!

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"A  painting lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes
of the sensitive observer.  It dies by the same token.  It is therefore a
risky & unfeeling act to send it out into the world."
-Tiger's Eye Magazine 1947.