Ordering a Photo Print:

email me the following:

1- Which painting do you want a photo print of?
2- Would you like it framed or unframed?
3- Signed or unsigned?
4- What is your shipping address?
5- What is your method of payment? (See below) 

I will email you back with your total  & once I receive payment I will ship you your print.


Payment Options:

Option #1: You can pay using paypal.com for a $1.00 charge.  (Credit Cards accepted)

(Click " send money", set up a free acct., and type 
amy@amyglasscock.com in the recipient line.) 

Option #2: You can mail me a check/cash.  

 (**All payment must be received before delivery.)

Thanks for your support of the Arts!!!


"Every good painter paints what he is."
-Jackson Polluck