Amy's art in progress.
See regular updates of my progress on each new painting.


I am painting the Cotswolds in England next!  I'm off to get wood to build the canvas.


Let the games begin. YAY! I am so excited to be painting again. This one is 5 feet long so it may take a while!

Musical inspiration of the day:
I have an mp3 player now so I am all over the place.  I will now be citing the song of the day from now on I suppose

Today: The Cranberries- "Dreams". (I was feeling sort of retro.) 


Some progress.  Though green is the best color ever, I forgot how challenging it is to show depth in an almost completely green painting... More to come y'all.

Inspirational song of the day:
"Superman"- Three Doors Down 



I finally had some time to paint again! Glory!  I am still trying to block in some initial colors.  

Inspirational song of the day:
"Season's Change"- Corinne Bailey Rae

"Don't you know that, that patience is a virtue (yes it is), and life is a waiting game...don't you know that, peace must be nurtured

And all the money in the world can buy you nothing... (i tell you that)
All these things happen, all these things happen for a reason, don't you go on and throw it all away ...when the seasons change (you gonna change)..." -Corinne Baliey Rae (Lyrics)

(preach it sista!)



I bought some new paint today and 3 new brushes.  See how happy I am?! I worked on the green patch in the middle an also the yellow... I didn't have too much time to work though. 

Inspirational song of the day:
"Everything is Everything"- Lauryn Hill

"What is meant to be, will be" -Lauryn Hill


I changed the yellow... a bit too tired to get much done.  

Inspirational song of the day:
"Young Pilgrims"- The Shins


I put some brighter green in the foreground and I added more trees in the middle. 

Inspirational song of the day:
"Delicate" - Damien Rice

"Why do you sing Hallelujah if it means nothing to you?" - Damien Rice.


I spilled paint on my dog today.  She likes to sleep under where I am painting.  Oops!

I changed the reddish triangle in the foreground some and I also filled in the green on the right hill.  I also started working with the sky.  It probably won't stay yellow, but it's a start at least. 

Inspirational song of the day:
"Delicate" - Damien Rice


I changed the sky again today and also added a turquoise color to the hills in the background. Slowly but surely...

Inspirational song of the day:
"Let That Be Enough" - Switchfoot


I added clouds today!  I really like how the sky is turning out!  I also added some details to the land in the background.  It seems to all be coming together.  Hopefully I will be finished soon!

Inspirational song of the day:
"Beautiful, Scandalous Night" - Robbie Seay Band 
(Their new CD "Give Yourself Away" is awesome!)


I worked on the background hills more today and added more of an orangey pink color.  I also changed the hill on the far right as well. I'm almost finished I think.  Hopefully this weekend I will be done!

Inspirational song of the day:
"I Need Peace of Mind, and a Hopeful Heart." - Mindy Smith

9.13.2007 Happy Ed!

I added the grass in the foreground today!

Inspirational song of the day:
"Carried Away"- George Strait


I worked on adding more colors to the grass tonight. Almost there... I can feel it.

Inspirational song of the day:
"In My Head"- Anna Nalick

"And I wonder if truly you are
Nearly as beautiful as I believe" -Anna Nalick
"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
Dottie about quitting baseball.