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7.3.2010>>>  A commissioned pet portrait is up next then my newest Hawaii painting. Below are my sketches.




I started my painting of Dusty today.  I used blue tape to mark off where the chair that he will be sitting on will be.  I think that the chair is going to make him look like a little king.  It should be cute. 

I was thinking a lot about Van Gogh as I painted his shirt wet on wet.  

7.4.2010 (Happy Independence Day!)

I made a lot of progress today... I added the red cushion for the chair and started painting his face and paws.  I also made the background a purpleish gray color.


I waited a day to continue to let the background dry.  Today I painted the wood on the chair.  I used brown, dark purple, red and orange all wet on wet to mix the colors.

I really love how the back of the chair looks like a crown on his head. 


I mainly worked on Dusty's  face today and also I fixed the smudges in the background.  I thought that I was finished and then I remembered that I was going to put Dusty's stuffed animal in there too.  I should be finished tomorrow. So far I really like this one!


I finished after adding Dusty's stuffed animal!!

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"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
Dottie about quitting baseball.