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2.27.2010 >>>  I am starting to figure out my next painting... I think it is going to be of a Sheep'head fish.  Stay tuned...


I finished my sketch for my new painting.  This is a sheepshead that my husband caught.  It was pretty and yummy.  After all, Van Gogh and Sargent painted fishies so why not me?

PS- I almost put this fish in my painting "Our Fishin' Spot in Rockport, Texas" but then I changed my mind...


I started my fish painting today!  This is the background behind the fish-- the planks on the dock where the fisherman caught it. Now I gotta wait for it to dry to paint the fish and the net.  I am also trying to figure out if the cracks in the boards should stay white-ish or be filled in with dark colors.  Hmmm...


I decided that the background (wood of the dock) needed to be more grey.


I decided that the grey was too dark to make good contrast with the fish and net.  So I added more orangey brown tones.


Deep breathe. Start painting the fish.


Blocking in the head of the fish more with pinks and grays.  I also worked on the fins as well.   Next the back fin perhaps...


I added the back fin today.  I also changed some of the colors on the body and worked on the bottom fin a bit too.  


I changed some of the shapes of the stripes today.  I also worked on getting more of the details of the scales and the side fin.  I also added blue and white stripes between the wooden planks to give the idea of water reflecting beneath the dock. 


I started adding the net today. I also added some dark browns to the tip of the tail.


I added a bit of reflection on the rim of the net today.  I used blueish grey because I thought it would look good to have blueish and orangeish together since they are complementary colors. 


I added the net today.  I am almost finished I think.  I just have a few minor tweaks for tomorrow. YAY!  I like how it's turning out.  


I finished!  :) I changed the area near the eye and tweaked some of the stripes on the fish's body. 

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