Amy's art in progress.
See regular updates of my progress on each new painting.

New plan.  I was inspired while in Chicago to start a painting series having to do with windows.  My first one will be a meditation on poverty. More coming soon...stay tuned.
First Sketch. Copyright Amy Glasscock

This is my sketch of my new painting.  I am stretching the canvas today and will hopefully start painting soon! 

I'm excited about this one!  I'm just getting started though.  
Musical Inspiration of the Day: Christian Music Mix CD

I worked on the building and the clouds today.
Musical Inspiration of the Day:  Switchfoot.  Nothing is Sound CD.

I had a little time to sketch where the boarded up windows go.  (Today at work, one of my 2nd grade students and I had a talk about his anatomically correct Sponge Bob. I was laughing in my head as I took his paper away.)
Inspiration of the Day:  American Idol.

I got a lot done today.  I added in the tree, the plastic bag, and worked on the building as well.  
Musical Inspiration of the Day:  Christian music mix CD, and Mindy Smith.

I added some shadows to the windows today.  
Musical Inspiration of the Day:  U2.

I worked on the tree bark and also switched the values on the bottom of the building so that the curved parts look closer to the viewer. 
Musical Inspiration of the Day:  Tree 63 and Mix 94.7

I made the outer edge look like wood by glazing a brownish red color on top and I worked on the windows more.  I am trying to decide which windows should be boarded up on the building...
Musical Inspiration of the Day:  Chris Tomlin, Arriving.

I worked on the tree more today and also the plastic bag in the tree.  I also started adding graffiti on the building.
Musical Inspiration of the Day:  KLOVE radio & I also watched American Idol.

I worked on the graffiti on the building today.
Musical Inspiration of the Day:  Nora Jones, Feels Like Home.

I added some shadows on the building, added more orange to the tree, and added a dark line around the edge of the window.
Musical Inspiration of the Day:  Nora Jones, Come Away With Me. Also Mix 94.7 and KLOVE.

I started changing the color of the inside of the window.
Musical Inspiration of the Day: Mix 94.7

I worked more on the inside of the window. 
Musical Inspiration of the Day: Anna Nalick, Wreck of the Day.

I worked more on the inside of the window again and I also changed the windows on the top of the building.  (The left side looks dark because of the lighting... I didn't change the tree today.)
Inspiration of the Day: Olympics: Winter Games.  Men's Figure Skating, Men's Snow Boarding, and Women's Luge.

Starting the Frank Lloyd Wright-esque stained glass window.
Inspiration of the Day: Olympic Winter Games: USA Men's Hockey.  Oh yeah...

I added to the stained glass. Yes, I am unfortunately caught up in finishing minutia right now. ALMOST DONE!!!! Stay tuned...
Inspiration of the Day: Olympics: American Idol & Olympic Winter Games: Ski jumping. (Those folks are crazy!)
"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
Dottie about quitting baseball.