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My next painting will be of  Ink's Lake State Park (TX).  I just finished building the stretcher for the canvas.  Here's a quick sketch of the layout.  Stay tuned to see my progress.


I started by sketching out where the rocks will go and I also started filling in the blue of the sky.



I added some white to the sky today.


Enter cacti...



I added more greens, reds, and browns to the cacti today.


I added more of the ground colors today.


I filled in more dirt color and also started working on the rocks.  Lots more to come- hopefully's my! 

10.06.2008 (29 begins!)

I'm excited because I worked on the shadows in the cacti... they are a purpley brown color... and that one piece looks like it is dimensional all of a sudden!   Oh and it's my birthday! Yay!


More work on the cacti today...


(Happy Papa! You would've been 98 today.) 

I added more contrast in the foreground by adding some dark purpley reddish browns and I also added some orange to the rocks in the background.  I also began including grass as you can see it on the left side.  I am liking this one a lot so far!  The grass reminds me of broken glass.  I also like how the cacti are beginning to act like windows that you peer in and out of. 



I worked on the cactus piece at the top today...


I worked on the land on the right side today.  I also added some more dark brown to the rocks in the background to increase the contrast.  


10.22.2008 > I forgot to take a photo.


I worked on the cacti in the foreground today.  I added some shadows and changed some of their colors. 


I started adding the green plants in the front and also I added some red outlines to the cacti to make the green pop.



I added a lot more grass in the foreground and changed the color of the green plants in the foreground to a more muted light blue green color. I also added some grass to the left side in the back as well. 


I added little round plant dealy's at the bottom today.  I also added more green grass to the left side.  I'm trying to finish before Nov. 1st... not sure if I'm gonna make it! 


I added more little green leaves in the foreground and I also made the pink cacti bloom thing on the top a bit smaller at the base.


I worked on the right side and added some orange and light brown to the dirt and rocks.



I worked on the left background today.  I added more contrast and I think that it really helped make the cacti in the foreground look closer to the viewer.

A few more details to go and hopefully I will be finished tomorrow! 


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"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
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