Amy's art in progress.
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Next I am going to paint a landscape scene of Kauai.  Aloha! Stay tuned...





Today I started this ginormous painting. (6ft * 3 ft) I think I'm gonna need more paint! 



2.25.2009 (?)

Today I began painting in the basic shapes of everything.




I added the mountains today!




Today I added more of the dirt color in the foreground and also I began the water. 




Today I started working on the rocks and the black sand beach.  




Today I worked on the white in the water.




Today I added more contrast to the green shadowy hill on the left and I also started adding some of the rocks in the sandstone on the left.  I like their organic abstract shapes!




Today I added more of the rocks in the sandstone.




I made more shadows on the rocks on the left today.




I'm still working on the left side of the painting.  I added a lot of sand and shading to the rocks.




I changed the bushes in the foreground.





I added some grass behind the front bushes.




I started working on the cliff in the background.   I was thinking about how red violet and yellow green are complementary colors. Hmmm.... I also added some orangey pink to the dirt areas in the middle.





I worked on the cliff more today and a little on the hills in the background. 





I worked on the mountains in the background today.



***Sorry, I forgot to take a photo...




I worked on the cliff more today.  I added some more orange on the rocks. (You can see it in the next picture.)





I worked on the grass on top of the cliff today.  I started adding palm trees as well.  




I started adding little trees and shadows on the golf course light green grass on the left side. 




I worked on the grass and trees on the left side some more and also added some more orange reddish brown to the balance rock by the ocean in the foreground.  








I worked more on the dirt in the foreground more.




I worked on the sky and the mountains today.  I don't like the sky yet... 



4.12.2009 (Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!!)

I worked on the clouds more today.  I still don't love them yet so I will be adding more to them soon.  I also added more white to the water which ended up being a good move I think.   



4.13.2009 (Happy Aunt Patsy!)

I worked on the clouds again today.  I am starting to like them more but I am still working on them.  Almost done I think...





I worked on the sky.




I worked on the clouds.




I worked on the clouds.




I worked on slight contrasts in the mountains and also added more dark elements to the dark triangle on the left.

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"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
Dottie about quitting baseball.