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3.20.2010>>>  I am going to paint a peacock next.  Stay tuned!


I finally finished my sketch for my new painting.  I am painting one of Auntie Jo's peacocks.  


I decided to start with an orangey pink so that all the blues in the peacock will really pop.  Don't worry, you won't see much of it in the end.   


I started painting the peacock's body but the pink was still a little too wet.


I worked on the peacock's body shape some more.  The pink is still a little wet so I decided to wait longer to do the feathers.


I added some of the middle of the feather shapes and also started adding the tail feathers. 


I changed the feathers color and added some more.


I filled in the feathers - yellow and green and then I started figuring out where the spots are going to be.


I added more dots and started some of the dots inside the dots.  If that makes sense... 


I added blue dots and then some details to the feather.  I love the lines that I added on the feather...  


I added more to the feathers on the left. :) So far I'm loving it!


I added more to the feathers again.  Lines and green around the dots...


I added more reddish brown lines near the top.


I added more lines on the right side.


I added more lime green around the feather dots.


I added a bunch of lines!


I added more contrast by adding dark blue to the feather dots.  I also added more reddish brown lines and overlapping lines.


I added more green to the dot areas and added green around the bottom feathers some.  I started to figure out where his legs are going as well.  I also changed some of the line colors.





I added some grass.  Not sure that I like it. :(


I added more light yellow green lines to the feathers.  Worked more on the grass.  Still not sure if I like the grass... hmm...


I put concrete instead of grass.  I thought it needed more contrast... and had too much green.  (Believe it or not!)

5.05.2010 (Cinco de Mayo!)

I added the lines back and added more colors to the concrete.



I made some of the dark lines darker purple.



I worked on the beak... it has been frustrating...



More work on the beak.  I like it a little better now though I am not sure if it comes forward enough.... might need more contrast.  I also added more white lines throughout.  Maybe I will finish tomorrow.  Fingers crossed...

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"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
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