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Next I will be making another Florida painting... stay tuned! This is my quick sketch.



















Today I began painting a beach called Point of Rocks that is in Florida.  When I visited in June there was a beautiful storm coming in.  (I have always been fascinated by how rain looks from far away...) 

OOPS!  I forgot to take a photo. 



Today I added to the sky.





Today I changed the color on the left side's sand.  I also added contrast to the water and the sky.  I also added some dark lines around the clouds... I am not sure if I like those yet,




Today I added some lighter tones to the water and to the sand.



Today I added some more white to the clouds and I added some dark brownish green to the water.  I also painted the bird.


Today I added some light grayish browns to the sand on the left and also some more brown tones to the right side where all the shells are piled up.  I also added some white to the water and some darker green to the water in the foreground. And I added some dark blue/brown to a few of the clouds in the sky.


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"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
Dottie about quitting baseball.