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Next I am going to paint a dock in Rockport, Texas. (It's my favorite fishing spot!)


I started with the sky... dark to light values.


Next I started sketching out the dock using a board and some paint.  Gotta love using perspective! (Notice I used the cross shape of the dock in the center...)


Today I painted the top of the railings and added some dark brown shadows.


Today I added some of the water and some of the boards in the railing.


Today I finished the light blue-green base color for the water and I started adding some gray-brown waves to the water.  So far so good...


Today I added some more blue to the water, blue that looks more like the shades in the sky so that it will look like the water is reflecting the sky.  I also started adding some details of the grass, road and palm trees at the end of the dock.


Today I started adding houses and shrubbery.


Today I started adding some of the clouds.


I added more clouds. I also added some grayish purple to them to help them look more lifelike.


I added more trees and shrubs.  I also added some more highlights of white and some purpley gray to the clouds.


I started working on the palm trees.  I'm not very happy with them yet.  I need to get some new small brushes because mine are not working on this.  Overall though, I am excited about how this one is turning out so far.

PS- Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I worked more on the dock today.  I need to buy some small brushes so I am waiting to go back and attack the palm trees.  I changed the colors on the inside of the railing and started adding some slats.

PS- it is cold and rainy here... a good night to paint.


I finally got some small brushes so I started working on the palm trees again. They are a bit frustrating but I think that they are starting to look better.  I added some more dark brown and tries to fix the shapes of the leaves on the left one.  



I added more shrubbery and worked on the palm trees some more. 

PS- It snowed in Houston today!  It was 43 degrees in my studio!


I added some darker colors/shadows to the railing.  I also added a reddish brown outlining on the dock.



I added more dark gray to the railing and I extended the piece of wood on the left to the water level.


I added some pelicans today.  


I added some sea gulls today and changed the pelicans a little. 


I added more contrast to the sea gulls by adding dark blue to the tips of their wings and I started working on some of the little palm trees in the background.



I added more brownish colors to the pier today.


I added more contrast to the trees in the background Almost done I think....



                           See finished painting. 


I added one more seagull in the bottom right of the sky and added more bright blue highlights in the water to mimic the sky color.  I also added a bit of lighter green in the bushes.  Then, I finished! 

Happy new year!

PS- I took a break for this one because I was painting my house. 

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"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
Dottie about quitting baseball.