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copyright: Amy Glasscock


I was asked to help with a painting for a local church's Christmas celebration in December of 2015. They wanted a huge oil painting of the shepherd story from the Bible's overall account of Jesus' birth. I came up with some intriguing ideas but later decided that I couldn't meet the deadline in the scale they were asking for. But I decided to do the painting anyway, just smaller, because it will be fun to do a nocturne painting and I also got inspired looking at some of Remington's nocturne paintings of cowboys around a campfire. That is how I picture the shepherds. Just sitting around a quiet campfire when, boom, these angels appear and talk to them. And a window into heaven's beauty was before their eyes. Must have been something to see.

Today I started the dark sky and land.


copyright: Amy Glasscock The shepherd's campfire.

copyright: Amy Glasscock I started the angel today.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I added in more green in the sky to draw your eye towards the angel and also to give it a sort of aurora borealis look to it.


More work on the conrasting colors in the sky today. I added some dark blues and purples to it.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I added in the trees in the horizon and I added in dark shadows on the ground in the background. I also started working on more of the details of the fire and the shadows around it.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I started adding the shepherd today.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I added some highlights to the shepherd and some smoke above the fire.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I added the first sheep.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I worked on the sheep more today but it still needs a lot more work. I started adding another sheep and shepherd today too.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I added another shepherd and some more sheep.

copyright: Amy Glasscock



copyright: Amy Glasscock


I added more white around the shepherd to show the light coming from the angel.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I added some pinks and purples to the sky today.




copyright: Amy Glasscock


I worked on the angel more and a added a little white to the sky.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I decided to add some orange drama to the sky.




copyright: Amy Glasscock



copyright: Amy Glasscock


I aded some warm shadows to the sheep and shepherds to show the fire light reflecting off of them.

copyright: Amy Glasscock


I am finished! I aded the stars today and a red outline around the angel.


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"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
Dottie about quitting baseball.