Amy's art in progress.
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I'm going to paint a Trout that my husband caught down in Kingsville, Texas next! 

I am starting by painting the wood planks from the dock.

I started working on the wood grains today.

More work on the wood grains and I started adding some of the shadowy water below.

I added some to the wood grains on the middle planks.

I started adding details to the plank on the left.

12.23.2011 (Merry Christmas 2011!) 
I  worked on the planks on the left side today.

1.2.2012  (Happy New Year 2012!)
I  added the trout today.  I also added some of his splash marks on the wood and worked on the wood on the far left side.  I still have more details to add on the trout...

I  added more white/grays to the tail area.

I  added the spots back and changed the color of the tail.

I  added more dark browns/blues to the tail.

I  added some blue to the dark spots and then worked on the wood on the left side that is out of view.

I  added more details to the side of the fish... added a sort of greenish red color. Still working on getting the tail and head to look good together...

OOPS! 1.13.2012 
I  forgot to take a photo!

I  added some red and greens to the skin near the tail.  

I  added the dots back and worked on the wood more.

More work on the wood planks.

I  changed the eye, added the nails and changed the shape of the bobber a bit and boom... done.


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"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
Dottie about quitting baseball.