Amy's art in progress.
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7.26.2010>>> Next I am going to paint a green sea turtle!  Stay tuned!!


This is a rough sketch of my sea turtle painting.  I am going to include some tropical fish as well I think.


I started blocking in where everything is going to go today.  


I added the water and some shadows today.  (Paintings sure progress quickly when they are small!) 


I started adding the green to the turtle today. So far so good!  


I worked on his flippers and head more today. I also added a grayish green to the cracks on his back.  


I added the fish today.  I also added some more dark brown to the turtle.


Today I worked on the coral on the bottom left side.  


More work on the rocks today. (under and to the right of the turtle.)


Today I worked on the orangey brown rocks on the right side. I'm liking all the brainy shapes so far. 


I worked on the rocks in the back right today.


I worked on the rocks in the back right again and I added the red sea urchin.


I worked on the red sea urchin some more.  It is frustrating me a bit. I also added some shadowy red-black sea urchins on the right side. 

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"It just got too hard." "It's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard 
everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great." 
- Jimmy in League of Their Own talking to 
Dottie about quitting baseball.