The Emily Morgan Hotel Art Show. 
(San Antonio, TX. 5-8/2012)


Dates of show:::
May - August 2012 >>> @ the Hotel Emily Morgan, San Antonio, TX. (The Official Hotel of the Alamo.) 

***Paintings are on display in the Emily Morgan Library and Restaurant.

Opening Reception:::
Yet to be Determined.

My Paintings on display (other artist's artwork on display as well):::
The Voice in The Clouds.  
I've Seen the Paths That Your Eyes Wander Down I want to Come Too.
Finding Peace. (Inks Lake State Park, TX.)   
Come and Take It.   
Shadows of the Alamo.  
Longhorn #1 
Whooping Cranes in Flight Near Rockport, TX.
Eastside Rising.  
Circle of Life, el Rio Frio. 
Cubist Tree.  
Good Night Pine.  
Castellon Peak (Big Bend National Park) .  
The Leaves in Ft. Davis, TX.  

Photos of the Hotel Emily Morgan 
(Click on image):::

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Photos of the Art Show::

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