Houston Show, The First. 
Saturday, Oct. 14th, 2006. 8-11PM.


Festivities::: The show will include the work of fellow painter, Kim Hopson, as well as various photography by local artists.  Free Admission. Live music and Ruggle's desserts served. 

9 Paintings on display:::
Praying for an Open Door, Botanical Obsession, Something Small That You Can Later Crush, Reno Road, Waiting, We Shall See (Now I know in Part, Then I Shall See Fully), Diagonal Beach California, Eastside Rising, The Reality of Poverty.

Click on the following photos for a larger view :::


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Hours:: Saturday only!  8 to 11pm.

Woodway & Voss, Houston, TX. (map below)
It will be located in the back corner area of the shopping center at the intersection of Woodway and Voss right next to Second Baptist Church. (In the back corner between La Madeline and Cafe Express.) 


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