Commissioned painting ideas.
Star of Hope Mission, Houston, TX.



Star of Hope Mission in Houston, Texas, commissioned me to come up with ideas for two 3 by 4 foot paintings that will be displayed in their Transitional Living Center's guest visitation room.  Basically my role was to come up with the concept for the paintings and sketch them out.  Then, a group of volunteers will come in and paint them as part of their community service project.  

Star of Hope said that they wanted paintings that would make people feel welcome and hopeful.  They also mentioned wanting them to have bright and happy colors and well as be a testament to the hope that is found in Jesus.  So the concept that I created for the painting was that it would mimic stain glass windows with bold black lines and shapes filled with bright and happy colors.  As well as bring in  Biblical symbolism:  Jesus being invisible in the middle signifying that he is risen, with rays of light swooping down towards the symbols of the dove, which is found in the account of Noah and the flood in the book of Genesis when after the flood the dove brings back an olive branch with leaves on it signifying that the water had evaporated and that there was still hope of new life.  The other symbols used, the fish and the bread. were meant to symbolize God's provision as it references the account of Jesus feeding 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. So in essence these paintings are about how in Christ, we can have hope and peace.  


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"In the beginning God created..."
-The Bible, Genesis 1:1 (a)