Taft Street Coffee House Art Show. 
Opening Reception 3/4/2007. (Show up 2-4/2007.)


5 Paintings on display:::
Something Small That You Can Later Crush, We Shall See (Now I know in Part, Then I Shall See Fully), Diagonal Beach California, The Reality of Poverty, and Luke 7:36-50: The sinful woman anoints Jesus' feet.

Click on the following photos for a larger view :::


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A special thanks to all of you who stopped by the opening:

Margie, Bonnie, Ed, Kristi, Jesse, Audrey, Lauren, Kim, Jeff, 
Joben, Zack, Ruth, Josh, Shane, Katie, & the Zigglers!

Y'all are the BEST!



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"God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing."
The Bible, Psalm 68:8a