Introducing my painting:
Edinburgh Castle.



Last summer I stepped off a train into a cool, grey, rainy haze and was formally introduced to Edinburgh, Scotland.  As I surveyed the historic city with my very own eyes, the grey of the sky made the green of the grass look brilliantly bright and beautiful.  The thing that left the most lasting image in my mind though was the ominous looking castle that I saw sitting atop dark black volcanic rock.  There is something very tough and masculine about that castle.  It is much more ominous than the dainty yellow riverside castle to the south (a.k.a. the Tower of London.)  Anyway, it made such an impression on me that I knew that I had to paint it.  So meet painting number 55.  I hope that y'all get along well.

See this painting in progress here.

Detail of the painting.
"A  painting lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes
of the sensitive observer.  It dies by the same token.  It is therefore a
risky & unfeeling act to send it out into the world."
-Tiger's Eye Magazine 1947.