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"Some artists don't like talking about their work because they think that their idea should be communicated only through visual means, or they believe that the viewer should make his/her own conclusions about each piece's meaning. I, on the other hand, think that it is perfectly ok to explain my thoughts about how and why I create my artwork. However, I do not assume that you will automatically have the same train of thought as I do simply by looking at my work. You are free to draw your own conclusions. You are uniquely you- this means that you have your own life experiences and point of view. My hope is that my work effects you in a positive way and brings increasing beauty and truth to your everyday life."     -Amy Glasscock.

146. Big Boy

145. Memories of Anna Maria City Pier, Florida.

144. Thor's Hammer. (Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.)

143. Primavera the Horse.

142. Return to Me.

141. A Hike in Fort Davis, Texas.

140. Got A Long Way To Go But This Is A Start.

139. With Me in the Sonoran Desert. (Tucson, Arizona.)

138. The Original Digger.

137. Walkin' Beam at the Top of Texas.

136. Patterns of Man on the Bayou. (Houston, Texas)

135. Saguaro Cactus. (Arizona)

134. Usual Interruptions.

133. Eli's First Flounder.

132. Red Donut.

131. Red Cactus, Fort Davis, TX.

130. Night Fishing in Little Bay. (Rockport, TX.)

129. Sometimes Life Looks Like Music.

128. Boyhood Treasures.

127. Where It All Began.

126. O Holy Night.

125. The Yucca Above Fort Davis, Texas.

124. The Boats in Little Bay. (Rockport, TX)

123. Anna Maria City Pier, Florida.

18-122. Caught: Fish Portrait Series.

117. The Birth of Spring.

116. Portrait of a Football Player.

115. Tunnel of Trees, Michigan.

112-4. The Appalachian Trail Paintings.

111. Reese the Dog.

110. Napali Coast, Kauai.

109. Tangled Oaks in the King Ranch.

108. Unconquered. (Doak Campell Stadium, Florida State University.)

107. Texas Longhorn's Alumni Game 2012. (Remembering Darrell K. Royal).

106. Purple Violet.

105. Salty Frog.

104. Fernie's Primary Portrait.

103. Chloe the Dog.

102. The Shadows of Yellowstone.

101. The Lodgepole Pines at Leigh Lake, Grand Teton National Park.

100. The Waterfalls in Cascade Canyon. Grand Teton National Park.

99. Spoonbills Roosting in High Island, TX.

98.  The Golden Eagle in the Guadalupe Mountains, TX.

97.  The Blue Crab From Rockport, TX.

96.  Chris' Trout from Baffin Bay, Texas.

95. Sophie and Ginger.

94. Rusty Rees.

93.  The Swallowtail and the Thistle.

92. The Montezuma Quail in Fort Davis, Texas.

91. Haleakala Volcano Crater, Maui.

90. Whooping Cranes in Flight Near Rockport, Texas.

89. The Sheep in Ft. Davis, Texas.

88. Silversword. (Haleakala National Park, Maui.)

87. Shadows of the Alamo.

86.  Come and Take it.

85.  The Leaves in Fort Davis, Texas.

84.  Cardinal Berries.

83.  Longhorn # 2.

82.  Longhorn # 1.

81.  Heron (in Florida)

80.  Flamingo (in Florida)

79. Blue & Gold Macaw. (Jungle Gardens, Sarasota, FL.) 

78. Sun Conure. (Jungle Gardens, Sarasota, FL.) 

77. Into the Depths.

76. Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, Maui.

75.  Uncle Dusty.

74.  Bad Dog.

73. Auntie Jo's Urban Peacock.

72. Chris' Sheepshead

71. Seeing Through the Trees.

70.  Our Fishin' Spot. (Rockport, Texas).

69.  The Voice in the Clouds. 

68.  The Seahorse.

67. The Storm and the Egret. (Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key, Florida)

66. Violet the Pooch.

65. Castellon Peak, Big Bend National Park.

64. Lithified Sandstone Cliffs, Kauai.

63. Jesus Falls the Second Time (Station #7)

62. Finding Peace: Inks Lake State Park, Texas.

61. Sarasota Sunset. July 4th, 2008.

60. not available

59. St. Pete (Florida)

58. My Mountain

57. Walking With You. (Lido Beach, FL.)

56. I Know the Paths That Your Eyes Wander Down...I Want to Come Too!

55. Edinburgh Castle.

54. The Cotswolds: England.

53. Good Night Pine.

52. Halo Houston.

51. Taft Street. (Houston, TX).

50. Growing Together or Apart? Myrtle Peace Talks.

49. Crown of Thorns.

48. Roses for Audrey.

47. Kim's Reflections of the Rising Sun.

46. Bonnie's Beach.

45. Something Small That You Can Later Crush.

44. We Shall See. (Now we see in part, then we shall see fully.)

43. The Other Side. (Mt. Bonnell, Austin, TX.)

42. Diagonal Beach. (California)

41. Eastside Rising.

40. The Reality of Poverty.

39. Chicago Self Portrait Series.

38. Nevada Power Lines.

37. Turnagain Arm, Alaska.

36. Praying for an Open Door.

35. Marin Headlands: Rodeo Beach, California.

34. Pure Reflection

33.  Crossroads 

32. Reno Road

31. The Ocotillo & the Chisos Mountains. Big Bend NP.

30. Red Wall on South Congress

29.  Waiting

28.  Maili Tano Baptist Church

27.  Kenya Photos

26.  King of Cows

25.  1 Peter 2:24 : Death Brings Life, Yellowstone NP

24.  Studio Window

23.  Luke 7:36-50 The sinful woman anoints Jesus' feet

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"It's not the fall that kills you, it's the abrupt stop at the end."
- quote in sidewalk chalk in Austin, TX